Are You In?

In no particular order, here are some wonderful things that happen when you join the All Together Now wine club:

  1. You take home two tasty bottles of wine every month.

  2. You and a pal get a complimentary tasting during pickup shindigs, which are held on the second Sunday of each month from 3-6pm.

  3. All your retail purchases are 10% off for the duration of your membership.

  4. Corkage fees while drinking at All Together Now? Pssh. You don’t pay those. Those are for regular people, and you are no longer a regular person.

  5. You’ll be sipping on new releases, limited allotments, and other cool stuff reserved for monthly wine club selections.

Choose your level and let the fun begin.


The stuff you should be reaching for all the time. Great value, great deliciousness for everyday drinking. $135 for three months, $265 for six.


Here’s where we get wild. Eclectic, eccentric, limited, truly special goods. $235 for three months, $465 for six.


We’re about to go all Maggie’s Farm. Are you ready? You don’t have to choose between Acoustic and Electric. You can have it all. Get the selections from both levels and take home four bottles each month. $370 for three months, $730 for six.